Founder and Director



     Gregory J. LaPoint was born in Los Angeles in 1957 and raised in Southern California. After graduating in 1976  from St. Michael's Preparatory High School in Silverado, California, he  moved to Colorado.  

     In  Denver he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Regis  College. He then attended the University of San Diego for graduate studies in Civics. Subsequently he earned his Master of Arts degree in Theology, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut.

     Greg LaPoint has been self-employed in the business services industry for the last 30 years. He lives and has family in Denver.

     His commitment to Natural Law Ethics is of central importance to him. He understands Natural Law to be the intended complement to Christianity and offers the ethical foundation for society and human institutions. He believes that this natural theistic ethical system provides the foundation, insight and guidelines for  successful living, happy families, productive communities and responsible government.

     He  is committed to developing and expanding the Center for Natural Law  because it is designed to educate and assist people about this natural  system of standards for the pursuit of excellence.